I made a logo for you, in about 60 seconds...


Weekend is almost here, so I thought I’d craft a logo for you using the Logo Maker Pack 2

Here’s a short making-of GIF:

You can download the source file for free on www.logodust.com

And get the Logo Maker Pack 2 for Sketch, here to craft your own logos the same way you build structures with lego blocks (even if you’re not a designer).

Have an awesome weekend!!

Designing a logo in < 2 min

How was your weekend?

Wanted to share 2 awesome things with you to kick off your week.

  1. a free new logo for your project.

  2. a short gif that shows you exactly how I created that logo in under 2 minutes, using only 2 shapes.

1. First, the logo:

You can download the source file on Logodust.com

  1. Then, the making of that logo, using Logo Maker Pack 2. The logo was created using only 2 shapes from the pack and took less than 2 minutes to create. Have a look.

You can get the Logo Maker Pack for Sketch —> here

Have an amazing week!

Unlimited logos for your project(s)?

I usually don’t do this, but I was working on more things to share with you today. So here are 2 more, before calling it a day:

1. Here’s an other free logo, you can download:

Link to the full library

2. The second thing I wanted to share with you is a Logo Kit:

What if you could design your own logo, in just a few minutes, even if you no ideas or perhaps no design skills? To try to come up a solution, I’ve created this simple Logo Kit.

You can simply edit the name, shapes, etc. and create your own logo in minutes. It’s a SKETCH file, so if you have Sketch installed on your computer, you can download the logo kit and craft your own logo in the next few minutes. It’s only $5, so click here to download your Logo Kit, right now. (And yes, the Font is included)

Let me know if you’d like to see more Logo Kits. Feedback is appreciated.

Have an awesome weekend!

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