Logodust PLUS

Hey I wanted to invite you first.

In the coming weeks, we’re launching Logodust Plus.

For $89/year you’ll get

  • Access to the entire database of 250+ logo designs you can use in your mockups and prototypes

  • No Ads

  • Full search options, to find the right mark quicker

  • SVG code snippets, so you can quickly add a logo to your frontend code

  • You’ll also support Logodust and the entrepreneurial community so we can keep adding more open sourced logo designs


Reply with: Yeah!! And we’ll give you access first for the limited time early bird offer of $89/year

Quick question...

would love to read your answers to these quick questions, so we can make Logodust.com better for you:

  • How have you used the free Logodust logos in your project(s)?

  • What do you wish you could do on Logodust.com but can't right now?

  • If you could change just one thing about Logodust, what would it be?

Just hit reply and let us know.

Building a product?


It’s been a while! We have a ton of free new logos we’ll be adding to Logodust.com in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for those!

Additionally, we wanted to introduce you to something new we’ve been cooking up for you.

Introducing… Phireworks!

Most makers struggle to attract users to their startup because they don’t spend enough time marketing their big ideas. 

You want to write code, build new features, get a better logo for your project. But if you don’t tell people about it, your project will fail. 

Perhaps you don’t want to feel like you’re spamming people. Maybe you don’t know where to start? That’s where Phireworks comes in. 

We're on a mission to make marketing for product builders easier and more accessible. we do that by consuming all the best books, podcasts, interviews & articles, searching for stories where founders share what they did to successfully acquire their first users. We then remove the fluff and summarize their key insights into step-by-step practical growth guides. 

Go to Phireworks.co & sign up for the free weekly growth guides. Or go to Phireworks.pro to get access to all the growth guides right away + a dashboard that will help you attract your first 1,000 users.

Stay tuned for more resources.

Keep on making!

Need a custom logo design?

In the next 24 hours, the logodust.com team is designing logos for $75 (instead of $750) and for each logo we design, we’ll feed a child in need, through the World Food Programme, for a month!


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 2 custom logos, in our clean & professional style, sent to you in one week

  • SVG + PNG files that you can edit and use however you see fit

  • 100% Rights to your uniquely crafted designs

The last time we did this (a few months ago) all spots were sold out in lightening speed. So reply to this email asap. Please note that we can’t provide revisions or refunds on the 2 designs you get for obvious reasons. If you want revisions, you can always go through our regular premium design service.

This offer ends 24 hours after sending this email. Or after we’re overwhelmed with requests and just can’t handle more.

Want us to craft 2 custom logos for your project/business?

Here’s what to do right now:

  1. Click the reply button, and tell us about the project you need a logo for

  2. We’ll get back to you with a confirmation link

  3. You’ll get your logo in < 1 week.

And thanks in advance for helping feed the hungry.

Use your coding skills to win a free logo design?

Since most of us are stuck at home, we wanted to launch something new and fun: Weekly Coding Challenges with awesome rewards!

Once a week we send out a tiny coding challenge (like: code a tiny website that helps people stay informed about Corona. Or build a mini game in Javascript that provides fellow quarantinions with well deserved 1min of entertainment)

the best submission wins our $750 logo design service and gets a free logo crafted for any personal or commercial projects.

in for a challenge?

go to codechallenge.substack.com and subscribe the first challenge is sent this weekend!

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