Tuesday giftday

Hey hope you’re doing great. Two very quick updates for you today:

  1. Just added 3 new logo designs that you can use in your projects on Logodust.com, go there to check them out.

  2. One logo was kept behind for the chosen one. The logo design you see below is not available on Logodust and can only be downloaded once and used by the person that downloads it first. The font is included and all you have to do is change ‘Company’ to your own name. Interested? It’ll be available -> here <-, until somebody purchases it. Then it’ll be gone… for ever.. ever.. ever..

Cheers, have an awesome day!

Unlimited exclusive logos, just for you?

A bunch of brand new things to help you build your projects.

Really excited to share today’s news updates with you.

1 of 2: New logos were just added to logodust.com go check ‘m out and let us know what you think.

2 of 2: Because we sometimes get overwhelmed with logo design requests from engineers, we tried to come up with a solution. What if you could get unlimited exclusive logos, just for you?

So…. Introducing…. Logodust Academy

Learn how to design your own simple logo, even if you’re not a designer.

If you want to be able to craft your own simple, unique & exclusive logo for your project… this is for you.

In this visual & actionable course, we’ll take you through a process we’ve created specifically to teach non-designers how to craft beautiful logos for their own projects - without breaking the bank.

You will learn step-by-step:

  • How to do background research to get ideas for a unique logo fast

  • How to make quick sketches on paper, even if you can’t draw

  • How to use simple online (and free) design tools to craft your production-ready mark, even if you’ve never touched design software in your life

  • How to pick the right font & colors, even if you have no idea where to start 

We’ll finalise & launch this course early October if enough people want it. If you’re interested, pick one of 3 options below. Reply to this email today and let us know which one works best for you. Within 48 hours we’ll let you know if enough people were interested to confirm the start of the course in a few weeks.

Pick the one you want & reply:

  1. Video course + Ebook PDF $129

  2. Video course version $119

  3. Ebook PDF version $39

See you!

Bootstrapping an online empire

Did you know that GoPro & Github (among many amazing companies) were bootstrapped?

1 of 3: The best equity is sweat equity

If you’re bootstrapping your company, here’s a little motivational gem I thought I’d share with you today :)

2 of 3: New Logos for you

Btw, we’ve just added a bunch of new logo designs that you can download from logodust.com, so go check those out.

3 of 3: Which of these will you wear next week?

We designed these superhero outfits for our fellow bootstrappers. Click on any of the images below and order yours now:

Have an awesome day!

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I have a bunch of freebie resources for you

Wanted to quickly share these freebies with you that you can download and use right away.

1) New free & handcrafted logo designs were just added to www.logodust.com

2) We wanted to share more design resources with you so we’ve been working on a bundle of Real Photo PSD Mockups. You simply insert your own designs into a smart object using Photoshop and you’ll instantly get a beautiful mockup of your work.

Here’s how the mockup looks like, along with 2 example designs we’ve inserted into the smart object:

You can download the free PSD file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6tx1aa1ce524xy6/freebie_mockup01.psd?dl=0

We’re finalising the bundle now and will launch it in 48 hours. It will include 12 different mockup PSD files. You can pre-order the bundle for just 16 bucks here: https://gumroad.com/l/VFTug

Let me know what you think!

Have an awesome day :D

A new logo for your project?

Hey, 2 quick & awesome announcements for you:

1 ) We’ve just added a bunch of new free logo marks to logodust.com. Just in case this wasn’t clear from the license: you can use these in your personal AND commercial projects. No attribution required :-) Obviously… others may be using the same mark, so you won’t be able to trademark it. Which is fine if you’re just using it to quickly launch your project and you’re still pre-product-market-fit.

2 ) Need a unique mark that you CAN trademark and that you CAN use exclusively, without braking the bank? For the next 12 hours, we’re opening the doors to our PixelsForFood service: We’ll craft a unique mark for your project and for each mark we craft, we’ll feed a child for a full week through the World Food Programme. Instead of charging $600+ (which we do on our premium logo design service here) You have 2 options:

  • For $75 we’ll design 2 marks for you in 2 weeks. No revisions.

  • For $99 we’ll design 2 marks for you in 1 week and you’ll get 1 revision round.

In both cases, we’ll use a portion of the funds to help provide meals for the needy.


Reply to this email with a 1 sentence pitch of the business you need a mark for. After 12 hours, this offer closes.

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