A new logo for your project?

Hey, 2 quick & awesome announcements for you:

1 ) We’ve just added a bunch of new free logo marks to logodust.com. Just in case this wasn’t clear from the license: you can use these in your personal AND commercial projects. No attribution required :-) Obviously… others may be using the same mark, so you won’t be able to trademark it. Which is fine if you’re just using it to quickly launch your project and you’re still pre-product-market-fit.

2 ) Need a unique mark that you CAN trademark and that you CAN use exclusively, without braking the bank? For the next 12 hours, we’re opening the doors to our PixelsForFood service: We’ll craft a unique mark for your project and for each mark we craft, we’ll feed a child for a full week through the World Food Programme. Instead of charging $600+ (which we do on our premium logo design service here) You have 2 options:

  • For $75 we’ll design 2 marks for you in 2 weeks. No revisions.

  • For $99 we’ll design 2 marks for you in 1 week and you’ll get 1 revision round.

In both cases, we’ll use a portion of the funds to help provide meals for the needy.


Reply to this email with a 1 sentence pitch of the business you need a mark for. After 12 hours, this offer closes.

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